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LaVerne Farrar offers employer-sponsored training with flexibly scheduled classes on-site at employer facilities and online via the phlebotomy virtual classroom.

Description: 12 clock hours of classroom training, 4 clock hours of venipuncture skills development with training arm manikins, and flexible clock hours of supervised clinical training to achieve a minimum of 25 successful, unassisted venipunctures.

This is a non-certification route for individuals employed in areas in which phlebotomy certification is not required. Trainees will receive a certificate of completion after completing all course requirements.

Description: 12 clock hours of classroom refresher training with 4 clock hours of clinical oversight, and venipuncture and/or skin puncture skills competency assessment(s).

A phlebotomy refresher is highly recommended for experienced phlebotomists who are moving towards preparation for national phlebotomy certification, certification renewal, or seeking Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) updates. Trainees will receive a certificate of completion after completing all refresher course requirements.

Description: 40 clock hours of classroom training, 100 clock hours of clinical training, 100 successful, unassisted venipunctures, and 30 skin punctures.

Trainees will receive a certificate of completion after completing all course requirements. This route prepares trainees to meet the initial application qualifications and requirements for the national phlebotomy certification exam.

Description: Continuing education seminars are offered to employers sponsoring phlebotomy certification maintenance programs and overall staff development. Topics include but are not limited to Phlebotomy Team Building; Service Excellence in Phlebotomy and the Clinical Laboratory; Current Issues in Phlebotomy and Patient Care; Troubleshooting the Difficult Venipuncture; Phlebotomy Risk Management Reduction; and various other seminars designed to enhance professionalism, optimize care delivery, reduce infections and patient identification errors, update staff on CLSI standards, and other pertinent phlebotomy-related information.

Description: Phlebotomy subject matter consultative services are offered to the legal community involving cases of phlebotomy malpractice.

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Online phlebotomy continuing education modules and videos.


An on-site, employer-sponsored resource ready to train phlebotomists, laboratory technicians and assistants, and other healthcare and research personnel.


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