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All About The Blood Phlebotomy Resources is an on-site, employer-sponsored resource ready to take phlebotomists, laboratory technicians and assistants, community outreach staff, and other healthcare and research personnel step-by-step through venipuncture and specimen processing theory and practice, and national phlebotomy certification preparation. Developed to meet the unique training needs within the healthcare and research industries, All About The Blood provides customized, comprehensive phlebotomy training for both individuals and groups.

Trainees are instructed to use the CLSI (Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute) recommended national standards for diagnostic venous blood specimen collection. The course content includes but is not limited to topics of safety; infection control; HIPAA; risk management; regulatory oversight; pre-collection, collection, and post-collection variables; patient relations and customer service; professionalism; troubleshooting skills for difficult venipunctures; human anatomy and physiology; and the cardiovascular system and the composition of blood. For a list and description of resources and services offered by All About The Blood, click here.

LaVerne Farrar, M.A.T.S., PBT(ASCP) is a certified and insured phlebotomist and an active member of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists, and an associate member of the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute. LaVerne is the former phlebotomy educator and phlebotomy supervisor for the Johns Hopkins Medical Laboratories in Baltimore, Maryland. With more than 25 years of clinical laboratory supervisory, educational, and phlebotomy experience, LaVerne has trained countless numbers of phlebotomists, doctors, medical students, nurses, community outreach and disease intervention specialists, and research personnel in the theory and practice of specimen collection from patients and research study participants through the lifespan--newborn through geriatric. LaVerne is a proven leader and trusted phlebotomy educator who is dedicated to the education, professional development, recognition, and certification preparation of all who have phlebotomy responsibilities.


An on-site, employer-sponsored resource ready to train phlebotomists, laboratory technicians and assistants, and other healthcare and research personnel.


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