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Resource: Phlebotomy Training (Route 1)
Description: 40 lecture hours, 20 lab hours, 120 clinical hours with a minimum competency of 100 successful venipunctures, 25 successful skin punctures. This route prepares trainees to meet the qualifications and preparation for the national phlebotomy certification exam. This route is strongly recommended for all healthcare and research personnel who currently are or will in the near future be responsible for specimen collection.

Resource: Phlebotomy Training (Route 2)
Description: 12 lecture hours, 4 lab hours, 20 clinical hours with a minimum competency of 25 successful venipunctures. This is a non-certification route for trainees who have completed college level biology, chemistry, and human anatomy and physiology, and are currently working in healthcare or human subject research in which phlebotomy certification is not required.

Resource: Phlebotomy Refresher
Description: 12 lecture hours, 4 lab hours, venipuncture and / or skin puncture competency assessment(s). The refresher is highly recommended for experienced phlebotomists who have not completed a formal phlebotomy training program and are moving towards preparation for phlebotomy certification.

Resource: Phlebotomy Continuing Education
Description: Phlebotomy Team Building, Service Excellence in Phlebotomy and the Clinical Laboratory, Current Issues in Phlebotomy and Patient Care, Certification Exam Reviews and various other seminars and in-services to enhance professionalism, optimize care delivery, maintain certification, and update staff on CLSI and other pertinent recommendations.

LaVerne Farrar offers employer-sponsored training with flexible day, evening, or Saturday classes for individuals, small groups, or large groups. (on-site at your facility)

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